Why we love what we do

Tontu Cafe-Boutique is becoming a place for conscientious shopping and gathering space.

We offer a designer line of clothing, Elfarrow Apparel, that runs an ethical factory in Kathmandu, Nepal, supporting an amazing team of tailors, screenprinters, weavers, and the designer is proudly from Thunder Bay.  We've just started a partnership with the 4ocean team whose mandate focuses on cleaning the oceans of plastics - every purchase of a 4ocean bracelet pulls one pound of garbage from the ocean, they are a fairly new company gaining traction with ecologically-minded shoppers.  We also partner with a company in Haiti which aims to keep families together by providing parents a sustainable wage, because no parent should have to orphan a child due to poverty.


Our cafe provides coffee drinks from local coffee roaster Rose N' Crantz, and local tea master from International House of Tea.  Bags of coffee for purchase are from Birch Bark Coffee Co., bringing clean safe drinking water options to homes in First Nation communities across Canada, something we are honoured to promote and ally with.  

New this year ~ Crystal Bed Treatments. Lie down for 20 or 40 minute session while beams of light through crystal bathe your body. Learn about the benefits at our Crystal Bed Info page and book yourself a treatment online.

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