Tontu Cafe 

​We're not great but we're small.

Been called a lot of things.  Cozy nook, European living room, the lair of Westfort.  On the cafe side of Tontu Cafe-Boutique you'll find a couple tables, reading chairs, coffee counter.  Occasionally there are workshops, tea/tarot readings, big group gatherings, intimate podcast discussions.  Sit outside and watch Westfort Villagers go about their day or discover the summer back patio under the gaze of Thunder Mountain.  The incense might be burning, politicos may be chatting, sometimes there's mini persians sometimes there's not ... you can't be sure what you're going to find if you dare a visit.  

Happy Marriage

You will find us squatting the front end space of a hugely popular Thunder Bay business: A Spa For You.  Erika Maki and amazing staff and students ensure this place is full of a relaxing flow of new daily energies.  Try on some local designer clothing ELFARROW APPAREL, grab a cappuccino and give your feet a detox pedicure ~ prepare to spend a few hours with us, it's all good.



Rose N' Crantz coffee is on tap.  Cappuccinos, lattes and espresso also made from Rose N' Crantz beans roasted right here in Thunder Bay! 

International House of Tea provides us with locally blended English Breakfast, Green and cafe favourite: Sweet Lemon Green Rooibos. 

Try a Tontu Cafe signature drink:

Westfort Fog made with Lavender Earl Grey vanilla sweetened steamed milk.

Sweet Chai O Mine made with Tumeric Chai Tea spice sweetened steamed milk.

Fresh baking often available.  Panini's are usually Tuesdays.  If you're lucky there's homemade chili or Vegan Curry soup.  



This place represents how we want it.  If we wouldn't put it in or on our body, mind or in our space you won't find it here.  All are welcome.  

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