FAQ's * Crystal Bed

​What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing.  Remove shoes, belts or anything restrictive.  There is a basket in the room for you to place your phone, jewelry, watch, etc. Some people believe wearing the colour white is helpful when having an energetic treatment.  There is a light coloured natural fibre blanket for you to use.


Where are the crystals from?

The crystal bed is straight from Brazil.  Healer and psychic surgeon Joao de Deus (John of God) divined the idea of creating a treatment bed that incorporated chakra colours, light, and crystals.  The bed was brought from Abidiania, Brazil to Thunder Bay, Ontario for our use and benefit.


What are the benefits of a Crystal Bed Treatment?

Working regularly with crystal and light frequencies may have positive effects on mood disorders, mental clarity, hormonal levels, energy, sleep patterns, stimulation of blood and oxygen to the brain, creative flow, heart opening.  The random light pattern during the treatment encourages a balancing of neural hemispheres.  For more info about CBT benefits check out our blog post.


What's a treatment like?

CBT is non-invasive, the operator will set you up and leave you to rest.  You will lie fully clothed on your back in a dark private room.  You will be draped with a blanket, eye pillow for your eyes, and headphones over your ears.  The crystals will be adjusted 12" over your body to align with your chakras.  You will be left alone for the duration of the treatment.  You are meant to simply relax and breathe.  Experiences range from physical lightness to clairvoyant visions.  Whatever your experience is the one you were meant to have.  


Allow yourself

to heal in

effortless surrender





ecological anxiety

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