4Ocean bracelet

4Ocean bracelet

  • 4ocean bracelets are unisexy and waterproof.  The beads are made of recycled glass, and the cord made from recycled plastic water bottles.

  • Colours represent the protection of fragile water species and ecosystems: such as, polar bears, coral reefs, sharks, and seahorses.

  • 4ocean has become an international movement with a focus on Optimizing technology, Creating jobs, Education, Awareness, and New global economies.

  • The purchase of a 4ocean bracelet pulls one pound of garbage and plastics from the worlds oceans and coastlines and supports the conservation of fragile oceanic ecosystems.


Makes a great gift for the eco-conscious.  Collect and wear more than one at a time.  


    Tontu Planet would love to hear about any issues you might have with 4ocean bracelets, however the company asks that you contact them directly in case of any defects or issues.   They are amazing and helpful.