Enfolding the global with the local

Ocean Rocks


Two years before covid (2 b.c.) Tontu Cafe-Boutique featured local coffee, tea, workshops & fashion in the heart of Westfort Village. 

Our boutique-spa partnership with A Spa For You offered clients of Elfarrow Apparel the chance to shop local designer fashions AND receive a luxurious spa treatment.  During  2020 lockdowns we closed our doors in Westfort. 

Tontu Planet is an online marketplace born from our love of the natural world, travel & culture, and a deep urgency and advocacy for ethical and environmental practices.  We are proud curators of North West Ontario art, artists, and goods, while connecting NWO to artisans around the globe.  Care to learn more?  Please visit our blog.

Conscientious Gifts for the Love of the Planet

Water is Life

There are several ways that our gift-giving and consuming habits can be of benefit to the planet.  Tontu Planet purchases positively impact the environment and the economy.  4ocean bracelets make a gorgeous gift and a symbolic commitment to ocean clean-up efforts.  Birch Bark Coffee Company is an indigenous-run operation with water rights solidarity strongly infused with each purchase.

The working families of Tontu Planet and our partners are building ecological and economic models for the investment of the earths' water systems and oceans.  Connecting consumers with hydrocentric companies is an important and rewarding service we offer (check out our blog for some great stories).  Click below to make your planet friendly purchase right away!


Tontu Planet is a proud distributor of Elfarrow Apparel ~handmade in Nepal~

featuring designs that are soft, feminine, creative and comfortable.  Created by Thunder Bay Ontario clothing designer Kyley Blomquist,

Elfarrow Apparel operates an ethical factory in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Tontu Planet stands behind the factory's decision to maintain a safe, clean, equitable, and sacred work environment.  They source locally woven fabrics, bamboo, hemp, organic cottons, and reclaimed fibres.  Discover more amazing Elfarrow stories in our blog.  

Shop local and global at the same time! 

Ethical Garments